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About the ABMA

 Webpage-AI-Rally-4-13We are a religious and social service provider organization staffed by and composed of Burmese Buddhist monks from the 2007 Saffron Revolution.  We are currently supporting and providing assistance to refugee monks inside and outside of Burma.


The A.B.M.A was formed by a group of senior monks as a response to the severe economic and social problems existing in Burma in 2007.  The A.B.M.A. leaders are recognized as the primary organizers and coordinators of the activities of the so-called Saffron Revolution in September, 2007.  In a very dramatic way, the world was reminded again of the Burmese people’s long struggle for democracy.  The peaceful marches, demonstrations and rallies led by the saffron-robed monks were ultimately met by violent reactions of the Burmese military regime.
Since that time the news media paid less attention to the ongoing problems in Burma.  However, as a result of their activities in September 2007, thousands of monks and individual citizens suffered from the reaction and repression of the military regime.  Some monks were arrested and tortured, and remain in prison.  Some went into hiding inside Burma, and others left Burma as refugees.  The A.B.M.A established an assistance network for these internal and external refugees, both monks and civilian democracy activists.  Over the past 5 years we assisted more than 200 imprisoned monks – and most of them are now free.  We hope that through the support of sympathetic organizations and individuals we will be able to continue and to expand on the important work we are doing.

Regarding the recent incidents of sectarian violence in Burma, the ABMA does not condone or support religious discrimination or violence against any group of people.  The sacred rules of Theravada Buddhism prohibit monks from supporting violence.


We are recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization, eligible for tax-deductible contributions.

Click on the “News” tab to learn more about our activities and about the issues of Buddhist monks in Burma.


Our Objectives:

  • To maintain our support for the assistance network for monks, both inside and outside of Burma
  • To promote democracy inside Burma, especially in order to defend and preserve the religious and cultural foundations of the nation
  • To fulfill the customary role of Burmese monks by distributing reading material and sponsoring meetings and discussions (dhamma talks) on Buddhist beliefs, practices and education
  • To maintain and update the database of targeted and refugee monks.
  • To support and expand the existing educational programs for both monks and needy families inside Burma.  We are trying to procure assistance for educational facilities, schools and training programs for the monks and needy families inside Burma.

The A.B.M.A. branch in New York is supporting and helping exiled monks residing in the United States. Senior monks coordinate activities with other democracy activist organizations to eventually work toward a peaceful, non-violent political transition in Burma.

Although there have been many positive changes in the government of Burma over the past three years, there still remains a need to support and protect the monks and civilian activists being held as prisoners of conscience in the country.  We have supported activities and groups working for women’s rights and farmers’ and workers’ rights.  There is still a strong need to continue working towards true freedom and peace in Burma.

We are part of the All Burma Democratic Alliance, an umbrella organization that also includes other activist group partners.  We collaborate with and support these organizations on many social, political and other activities to assist the monks and the people in Burma.  However, since the government still views any interaction or even communication among monasteries with great suspicion, we have only very limited abilities to collaborate with any other social or religious organization inside Burma.  We must rely on our own trusted, confidential internal network to accomplish our work.

We are an ally of the International Burmese Monks Organization. However, the role, activities, contacts, and resources of the All Burma Monks’ Alliance are unique, and are not duplicated by the IBMO or any of the other members of the umbrella organization.

We are seeking support to continue helping those Buddhist monks and non-violent democracy activists who are under assault inside Burma and those who have escaped from Burma.

As of June 1, 2013 our Buffalo Office is located at:

The Metta Parami Monastery

101 Edgar Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14207

(716) 259-0783



PBS Frontline Story and Video of the Saffron Revolution

For More Information about the ABMA Monks and the Saffron Revolution, Click Here for a Link to the PBS Frontline coverage from September 2008.

Visit our Burmese language site at:
U Gawsita interviewed by George Packer at PEN Reading Burma event at Cooper Union

U Gawsita interviewed by George Packer at PEN “Reading Burma”  event at Cooper Union in NYC.


Saffron Revolution 2nd Anniversary at the UN 9-23-09

Saffron Revolution 2nd Anniversary at the UN 9-23-09