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Amnesty International Members Visit Monks

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Helen, Susan & the monks. Photo by Steve Latimer


Members of a New York City Amnesty International Group (9/280) first visited the Metta Parami Monastery in July.

Helen Thomas Williams, a group member wrote: “The purpose of the meeting was for the two groups to get to know each other better and to see ways of helping each other. The history of the development of AI Group 9/280 and the history of how the monks arrived in Brooklyn were shared.

In addition, over the course of approximately two hours, we discussed a range of topics including U.S. policy toward Burma, what life is like for the monks who received asylum in the U.S., the likelihood of a fundamental change to the government in Burma, the monks’ efforts to assist monks imprisoned in Burma, the monk’s hope to build a monastery in the U.S. that could house those who’ve been dispersed around the country, and Group 9/280’s efforts on behalf of AI-designated prisoner of conscience Myo Min Zaw (MMZ).”

The piece is posted on the Burma Relief blog, posted by member Andrea Wolper.  Click here for a link to the post.

Some members of the group have continued to come regularly to permit the monks to practice their English conversation skills.  These visits are most welcome, helpful and appreciated by the monks.



Post Title: Amnesty International Members Visit Monks
Author: U Pyinya Zawta
Posted: 29th September 2011
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