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Opening new Metta Parami Monastery in Buffalo

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Dear ABMA Dhamma Friends,

The ABMA performed as a nonprofit religious organization in Brooklyn, New York for almost three years.  During that period, the ABMA celebrated rituals of Buddhist religious ceremonies like noviciation, ordination, offering robes (Kathina & Vassa), and the nonstop recitation of the Pathana.  We also conducted celebrations of the Hta-ma-nhe sticky rice festival, birthdays, and marriage and funeral rites.

The ABMA, in cooperation with Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, and many other Myanmar Democracy activists and Americans who are interested in Myanmar affairs, also participated in many speeches and discussions about human rights, matters in stopping civil wars in Myanmar, and peace, labor and farmers’ legal rights, as well as helping people with social and political matters in Myanmar.

Besides, the ABMA expressed the conditions and situations in Burma through speeches at Harvard University, NYU, Columbia University, Yale University, Rutgers University, Johns Hopkins University and many others.

The ABMA purchased a house and settled in Buffalo, NY as nonprofit religious organization on June 1, 2013.  We are letting you know that the ABMA is continuously performing not only the same activities which we did in New York City, but also since then we’ve added meditation retreats and teaching Burmese culture and languages to children.  We look forward optimistically to our continuing good work and service to the Buffalo community.

With much metta,

U Pyinya Zawta

All Burma Monks’ Alliance

101 Edgar Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14207

Tel: (716) 259-0783

Post Title: Opening new Metta Parami Monastery in Buffalo
Author: U Pyinya Zawta
Posted: 22nd July 2013
Filed As: News
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