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Social Spirituality at the new Metta Parami Monastery

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On July 27, 2013 we celebrated and inaugurated our Metta Parami monastery with a formal opening ceremony in Buffalo. The name of the monastery as Metta Parami is derived from the ancient Pali Buddhist words: Metta+Parami. Metta means unconditional love and kindness for everyone, including animate and inanimate things and Parami means moral and ethical perfection. As the ABMA organization and people of the Mettaparami monastery firmly believe in the principles of Metta and Parami, the monastery aims to provide for the spiritual needs of Burmese immigrants and all residents in Buffalo. The inauguration was blessed by many venerable monks: three monks from Florida, one from Boston (MA) and Pittsburg (PA) and four monks from the Buffalo area.

Before the temple was formally opened, the designated Sima was consecrated and Sima related ritual chanting and prayers were conducted by the invited monks from Florida, Boston, Pittsburg and NY. The Sima is the consecrated sacred religious space for holding monastic acts such as ordinations for new monks. After the Sima consecration, four people entered into temporary monkhood; among them was a seven-year-old boy who was ordained as a novice-monk. The most venerable Sayadaw Bhadanta U Zanita from the Dhammaloka Buddhist Society, Florida and Sayadaw Bhadanta Abayalankara from Boston led the formal rituals. Sayadaw U Zanita also gave two dhamma talks to the Burmese community, one was on Saturday and another was on Sunday, emphasizing the significance and importance of the spiritual place and monastery in Buffalo.

Currently, Sayadaw U Pyinya Zawta, Sayadaw U Nandavamsa and another visiting monk are residing at the newly established temple. In the near future, the monastery will provide weekly meditations, spiritual talks and Buddhism classes to the local and nearby residents of Buffalo. People who are interested in studying basic Buddhism and meditation are welcome to visit our monastery.

The monastery is not just a spiritual place for worship and meditation – it is also a cultural place. In order to practice and expand mutual tolerance and understanding, peace and love, the monastery will participate and organize interfaith dialogues and inter-cultural events in the near future.

We, residing monks at the monastery, welcome everyone to visit our temple and participate in our cultural and religious events.

May the Triple Gem bless you.


Post Title: Social Spirituality at the new Metta Parami Monastery
Author: U Pyinya Zawta
Posted: 5th September 2013
Filed As: News
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